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Brand planning

The company chairman Liu Xinyuan explained in an interview with "surpass" in CCTV's "surpass" column, Liu Xinyuan, the chairman of the company, explained that "soft" represents the "soft", "singing" is an amazing thing. Liu summed up the life experience of the past 20 years. The future of the industry will be amazing. The brand has the story, the product has the quality, through the large exhibition fair and the highway billboard and so on means to promote, the soft Ming pitaya in two years, quickly raised the popularity, the product price is 10% to 30% higher than the market price. In the future, we will continue to push pitaya to build the Pitaya high-end brand through the international exhibition.

In addition, the company strictly controls the production and management of Pitaya according to the standard of green food and international good agricultural standard, and is committed to providing customers with high quality products that are safe, green, healthy and nutritious.

Big brand building events

In March 2017, he applied for a trademark and successfully registered the trademark "soft pitaya" in March 2018.



In July 2017, he was invited to take part in the recording of the CCTV "transcendence", and received an interview by Mr. Zhu Xun. Liu Zongji told his own business process in the "gold capital No. 1" pitaya. At the same time, as a professional professional, he shared with the audience friends the difference and difference between domestic and Vietnamese red pitaya, new and old varieties, planting mode, production picking cycle, and many different aspects, and Rou Ming Hongxin pitaya unique rose sweet, but also in the heart of the consumer to establish a good image of the king of fruit.

In September 23, 2017, he was invited to participate in the fourth China industry influence brand summit held in Beijing Conference Center, which was interviewed by Ouyang Xiadan by CCTV and won the honorary title of outstanding enterprises.


In October 2017, the 10 highway billboards were unveiled at the speed of the west line around Hainan island and the famous tourist attractions Sanya Bay, which quickly raised the brand awareness.


In December 12, 2017, the company joined hands with 20 beauty models to participate in China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Fair. Sofing red heart pitaya was brilliant, and attracted the attention of peers and many participants.


From December 27, 2017 to 2018 New Year's day, the giant picture of Pitaya's red heart and red heart was praised as "the world's first screen" NASDAQ screen, giving the Chinese New Year's new year's blessing to the global Chinese, and at the "crossroads of the world" and the limitless brand Pitaya became the limitless charm of the international brand.

In February 2018, pitaya made its appearance in the twenty-fifth international fruit and vegetable exhibition in Berlin, Germany, and was highly praised by international friends. It quickly attracted global friends' eyeballs and reached a number of cooperation intentions with other international friends, such as Morocco, Russia, India, Austria, Spain, Portugal and other international friends. In this exhibition, rou Ming company understands the development of German and world products and the specific demand of the market. It has promoted the reputation and reputation of the soft brand pitaya's regional brand, and laid the foundation for the Pitaya export to enter the international market.


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