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From the 18 degrees north latitude, different hearts of pitaya, new era farmer Liu Xinyuan

Liu Xinyuan, born in March 1977, was born in Shandong Shouguang. After graduating from high school at the age of 21, he was only one person, relying on the only twenty-eight thousand yuan at that time and engaged in agricultural related work in Yantai, Shandong. After four years, it turned to Qingdao and focused on the import and export trade of rubber for ten years. A visit and a trip changed his trajectory. The coconut, the sea breeze, the pleasant climate, the beautiful South Island - Hainan, which attracted him deeply, and a pitaya flower on the high side of the road opened a new world for him in Hainan.


Before coming to Hainan, he was impressed by the soft and soft taste of pitaya, which was not as tasty as that of radish. In the fruit of Wang Jindou, a Taiwan agricultural expert, he first took the "golden - one" red heart pitaya, which was instantly attracted by the sweet, sweet, red Hydrangea - like fruit. After a survey, Liu took over the seedling base of Wang Jindou's latest pitaya variety, "golden Du," in 2014, and began a tour of the cultivation, promotion and sale of high quality pitaya.

One. Introduction of the company

After 3 years of Pitaya planting technology exploration, in March 2017, Liu founded the Hainan Rou Ming Hongxin pitaya Co., Ltd. The company is located in the beautiful South Island - Hainan international tourism island - peak tropical rain and forest valley. It is a comprehensive modern fruit and vegetable enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing and sales. It specializes in the cultivation, promotion and sale of high quality red pitaya.

At present, the company has 3 red heart pitaya planting bases, located in the Jianfeng town of Le Dong county, with a total area of 2000 mu and 20000 tons of red heart pitaya annually. It is mainly sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities, and successfully exported to Canada, Hongkong and Spain.

The company actively responds to the national policy of "agricultural green development", adheres to the "people-oriented, service team" management concept, according to the international good agricultural standards and green food standards for production management, to provide consumers with safe, green, healthy, nutritious high quality products.

Two, rou Ming "Jin Du No. 1" Pitaya

"Golden capital No. 1" pitaya is a Taiwan agricultural expert Mr. Wang Jindou developed after six years of research and development, during the period of a layer of detoxification in the laboratory, from Taiwan to Hainan Le Dong county, planted in his name, the red heart pitaya variety. This variety has the characteristics of large fruit shape, high sweetness, high yield, long production cycle, long storage period, convenient transportation and high survival rate, and self pollination is easy to manage.


The soft brand of red heart pitaya is unique in temperament, wrinkled fruit appearance, round like red Hydrangea, short scale, thin skin, and rose flavor, all of which owe to its unique geographical conditions and improvement of planting technology.


Three. Brief introduction of soft singing technique

A unique geographical environment

The planting area of softly and red heart pitaya is located at 18 degrees north latitude in Hainan Island and the tropical rain forest area in Hainan Jianfeng mountain. It is a tropical monsoon climate with annual precipitation of 1000 millimeter to 2600 millimeter, with an average annual precipitation of 1639 mm, with a distinct rainy season and a less rainy season. There is a "natural big greenhouse" in laudong County, where the long summer is no winter, the average annual temperature is 22~27 C, the accumulated temperature of 10 degrees centigrade is 8200, the annual light is 1750~2650 hours, there is no frost in the whole year, the temperature difference between day and night is big, which makes the fire dragon fruit type large and high sweetness, which is the dominant area of Pitaya planting.

Anti season lighting technology

In order to cater to the market demand, after 3 years' exploration, the soft Ming company has successfully developed the anti season lighting technology. Pitaya has filled the winter pitaya market in winter and creates great value for the company. However, the research and development process is not smooth sailing, initially thought that as long as the lights turned on and simulated sunlight, they could blossom and blossom. In fact, when to turn on the lights, how long it takes, the distance between the lights and the trees is an important factor in determining the quality and output of the products.


A piece of a treasure, one person and one taste

At the end of 2016, the company expanded the production scale, broke through the conventional planting pattern, planted double row wire lines and planted 1480 plants per mu, increased the planting density, and the yield per mu could be doubled. The company adheres to a branch with only one fruit to ensure that each branch can get enough space and nutrients. Although the output has declined, the fruit, the fruit type, the high sweetness and the price increase, which effectively opens the high-end pitaya market. To this end, the company has made such a slogan: "one piece of a treasure, one person and one taste, soft rounding, worth owning", so that consumers can more intuitively understand the concept of soft singing.


Modern agricultural machinery technology

In addition, the company introduced modern agricultural machinery technology, micro press, water and fertilizer integrated micro spray system, organic fertilizer spraying machine, to avoid the use of herbicide, improve the soil organic matter, energy conservation and environmental protection, save labor costs, improve production efficiency, thus improving the market competitiveness of the soft red heart pitaya.

Four. A brief introduction to the poverty alleviation of industry

Under the leadership of the leading group of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Ledong County, the company adopted the form of "company + cooperative + archiving card poor households" to develop pitaya industry. Nearby villagers can rent their land to the company, and then farmers can work in the planting base, get the wage and production of the work, and then add land rent, the per capita income increases more than 4500 yuan, stable continuous income, so that poor households effectively out of poverty. As the "accurate poverty alleviation", the company has helped 142 households to help the families of the local poor households. At the same time, we invite the local poor households to work for nearly a thousand times each year. At the same time, they radiate the surrounding areas to recommend high quality seedlings to the surrounding farmers, provide technical advice on planting, drive the red pitaya to grow more than 2000 mu, and promote economic benefit 30 million. Up.


Five. Introduction of Pitaya sales mode and market prospect.

Pitaya has the effect of detoxification, detoxification and protection of the stomach wall, as well as anti aging, preventing cell degeneration, inhibiting the occurrence of dementia, whitening beauty, reducing weight, lowering blood sugar, moistening intestine and bowel movement, preventing large intestine cancer. The anthocyanins contained in red heart pitaya are the best products for cosmetics to extract anti-aging, and are the first choice for beauty loving beauty.

Jin Du No. 1 is the latest variety of Pitaya. It contains the fragrance and sweet taste of roses. It is not comparable to other varieties of Pitaya.

Soft pitaya has been popular since its listing. After several exhibitors, foreign inspecting businessmen also have strong interest in Pitaya. There is unlimited potential in Pitaya sales.

At present, pitaya is in short supply in the domestic market, and its sales channels are large wholesalers, supermarkets and electric providers. In winter, pitaya adopts an e-commerce direct selling model, which is easy to copy, reduce the intermediate link and control the market price better, so that the company, the agent and the consumer can maximize the benefit. In summer, large wholesalers are selected to complete product sales quickly, reduce intermediate links and damage. In addition, the company has been looking for large business super and retail terminal agents in all cities across the country. It has been directly supplied to supermarkets in Weifang, including Roca, Ji'nan, Shouguang and Ji'nan. The combination of various sales modes enables pitaya to better control market control prices and effectively improve product value. In the future, pitaya will take the international market as the main objective, produce according to international standards, improve the quality of products and open the way of China pitaya's export trade.

Six, future prospects

Pitaya is not a good person in the agricultural world, but soft song will abide by the bottom line of safety, let green ecological pitaya enter every family, bring healthy, delicious and safe food for every adult and child, and create more wealth value for society.

We are the soft song, we do the best Chinese pitaya, in the habit of tropical sea breeze, we sweat like rain, and enjoy it, no matter the vicissitudes of the sea, we will not change the pursuit of health and delicious, will not change the love of the heart.


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