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China dragon fruit, with its own rose fragrance, is officially tested in overseas markets.

Fruits and vegetables show in Berlin, has just ended, the gentle sound of hearts pitaya received praise of foreign clients, most of the participating dealers after tasting, or show a strong purchase intention, or sign up with us on the spot.


Mr. Liu xinyuan, founder of Hainan Rouming Red Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd.


Rouming Red Dragon Fruit

The Rouming red dragon fruit was able to show abroad, mainly because: first, we are located in the hainan planting base in the north latitude 18 latitude, sand soil and plenty of sunshine for the growth of pitaya provides superior natural environment. Second, the fruit has a natural rose fragrance, with a central sweetness of 23~26 degrees. Once again, hainan is the only place in China where we can plant the antiseasonal fruit, which allows us to supply all year round. In terms of single fruit weight, the single fruit of "jindu no.1" is between 0.5 and 1.5 kg. In winter, the fruit is more than 1.5 kg. In summer, the fruit is more than 0.5 to 0.8 kg.


Mr. Jesus Puerta Gotti (left) and Mr. Liu xinyuan (right), founder of Hainan Rouming Red Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd.


Pvel Tverdyy (center), director of import development projects of Magnit, Russia, and Mr. Liu xinyuan (right), founder of Hainan Rouming Red Dragon Fruit Co., Ltd.

For many years, the main European dealers from Vietnam, Colombia and other countries import dragon fruit to satisfy the needs of the local market, even so, it is hard to do the year uninterrupted supply of purchasing, this is also our the gentle sound of pitaya at the fair one of the reasons are so popular. Currently, dealers from Spain, Russia and the Netherlands have signed a letter of intent with us. In addition, several Mexican companies are interested in purchasing our seedlings and technologies.


Dragon fruit planting base.


Dragon fruit planting base.

In the domestic market, shandong province is our main sales area, of which 60% to 70% are sold to major supermarkets, and 30% to 40% are sold to the wholesale market. This year, in the steady development of the domestic market at the same time, we will try to will the gentle sound of hearts pitaya exported to overseas markets, make more consumers enjoy different pitaya from China.

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