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Rouming fruit first enter the international market, and the Vietnamese fruit open the competition!

Early February, upon passing the dongfang eight of hainan inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine of 100 kg, value 6000 yuan of hearts pitaya smooth customs clearance in Germany, this is the gentle sound of hearts in hainan pitaya was the first to enter the international market.


Hainan attaches great importance to the brand building of red hearts.

At the end of 2017, eight more inspection and quarantine bureau in the gentle sound of hearts to know Hainan rouming red dragon fruit Co., Ltd. , with export demand, give full play to the functions and professional and technical advantages, as actively, precision support, take active measures to support enterprise's products export.

Including the export base of the enterprise and packaging plant registration management, promote enterprise to obtain export qualifications, combined with the daily safety risk monitoring and pest monitoring results, pesticide residue sampling inspection on products is conducted by ahead of time.

In addition, the inspection and quarantine bureau also checked the relevant laws and regulations of German inspection and quarantine in time, and instructed the company to actively contact the German importer and understand the relevant requirements of Germany in various aspects. In the end, the bureau also urgently needs to arrange special personnel to work overtime for inspection and issuance of plant quarantine certificates and certificates of origin to ensure the timely export of the dragon fruit.

It is understood that the hainan soft red heart dragon fruit co., LTD. Has signed orders with many international customers, such as Russia and Portugal, and the export volume will be increased steadily. The eu is the fruit of highend market, to ensure the smooth continuing export enterprises, eight will continue in the inspection and quarantine in agricultural chemicals, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, fruit to strictly control the quality and safety monitoring, help enterprises to enhance the level of quality management and urge enterprises to strengthen planting, harvesting, packaging the whole process of quality control, effort is the escort of hainan tropical characteristic agricultural exports.

And, according to the Vietnamese people in Vietnam's department of trade and industry, publishing the exporting Chinese guide, four of the Vietnamese fruits for Vietnamese dragon fruit, longan, lichee, watermelon fruit guidance for China's export activities, designed to increase the fruit is through trade channels for China's exports.

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Vietnam has formulated a complete set of guidelines for the export of dragon fruit.

Du jinlang, deputy director of the trade promotion bureau of the ministry of trade and industry, said the fruit, longan, lychee and watermelon are the fruits that have great potential for export to China. The material assists Vietnamese companies in shaping their own export activities so that they know how to prepare to meet China's market needs.

It is understood that the material has been systematically all the issues related to the Chinese market, such as: export formalities, business, news, block, etc., provide convenience for Vietnamese companies sustainable fruit exports to China, establish the brand status of Vietnam fruit in the market.

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